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Listen to your body

Have you ever thought that maybe your body is another world of you that you may have never visited?

Think about it! We are born with/in it. It accompanies us forever. Experiencing the same things along with us and having its own “opinion.”

The moment that we are born is the one that connects us with the outer world and according to the outer world: our “mind” transforms.

Tricky, especially when your whole life you thought that it is the mind that is in charge.


The Early Years

Birth, the first thing that anchors you to this life is the touch of a nurse that gently hits your back. And suddenly your body turns survival mode on and starts to function differently. Always looking for another touch; a familiar one and everything either calms down or becomes more intense.

The body is continually looking for one-touch after another and another— always seeking the next touch. According to this response, our longing reacts, and in turn, that reaction conjures up the mind and our perspective on life.

Our Body is our first way of communicating what and how we feel. Even when the mind does not know what is going on, the body speaks.

It opens up when it feels comfort and love, and closes down when it feels anxious or in danger.

Body and Memory

A lot of times when something is happening we feel a small sensation in our bodies, some vibrations come up followed by emotions or feelings… Somebody talks to us and our whole body is vibrating, and suddenly a small pain appears maybe on the chest, on shoulders, etc. or even a headache. Did you know that your body has a memory? Keeps memories in a “safe” even when your mind has blocked them out. How? As mentioned before, every action affects our body. For example, in an argument you may feel trapped with no way to escape, the same will happen to your body. It will try to fight; it will become tense and try to release that energy with the goal of getting out of that situation. If for some reason escape Is not possible, and the body must stay in the same conditions, the accumulated energy would be imprinted, and a “memory” will be written into the body… And in the future when the body feels a small suspicion of a similar situation it will react, spontaneously, maybe for the worst without the mind’s permission. It reacts unconsciously.

As Besser van der Kolk M.D. mentioned in his book The Body Keeps the Score: “Our bodies are the texts that carry the memories and therefore remembering is no less than reincarnation”

According to the strength of the oppressed energy and mostly according to the repetitiveness of that feeling the “memory” becomes bigger and stronger, with different results on the psyche and body dimension. Feelings that we try to ignore come and hide in the body filling it with increasing amounts of energy that need to be transformed and healed. If you keep ignoring them, they will find a way to show up and remind you that are there, in many different ways. Most of the time manifesting in the body under the mask of a disease, pain, or behavior that “is not you.”

What should you do then?


“Pay attention to me”

Listen to your body, try to hear what it says, observe it and most of all try to understand it. The body communicates in subtle cues and hints trying to get your attention. Learn what these signals are and how to interpret them. You may get information through a certain smell, feeling, or sensation. It’s your part to become your interpreter. Keep in mind that the information you receive may not always make logical sense.

In some cases, you may not even be able to understand on a conscious level because the mind deletes whatever does not serve it out of retrievable memory.  Just be patient, listen to your body and follow the signs. Do things with your body, ask it for a dance and let it lead. Let it express its thoughts without putting your mind in front. Be gentle and kind. Find your way to communicate, meditation, yoga, a small walk, whatever it is— Just give it the chance to talk.

And when the time comes, that you can hear clearly, and it will come, speak from your heart and put the mind aside. Welcome everything and give yourself a hug.

Is not easy but worth it!


And remember the most natural way to calm and heal ourselves is being touched, hugged and rocked!

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Konstantina started off as an interior designer because she always believed that the energy field of our homes affects our whole life. She then came to understand that our real home is the body which led her to become a yoga teacher… an eternal observer, and a curious listener.

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Konstantina started off as an interior designer because she always believed that the energy field of our homes affects our whole life. She then came to understand that our real home is the body which led her to become a yoga teacher... an eternal observer, and a curious listener.

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