Spring Equinox Intention Energy

Spring Equinox Intention Energy

The Spring equinox, also known as the vernal equinox and Ostara, is about supreme balance. An equinox is when the length of night and day is perfectly equal. This balance of light and dark reminds us that balance is the birthplace of peace. Finding the center between two poles is where the point of stillness or the zero point can be found. If we look at it from a quantum perspective, reality exists as energy and information. This field of energy and information is the quantum field of pure possibility or as Deepak Chopra calls it the “field of pure potentiality.” The field is influenced by consciousness whether that consciousness is operating from an aware or unaware—conscious or subconscious state of being.

Peter Baksa Writes:

Everything in existence is nothing but energy and information. As we set an intention, we create waves that cause movement. Before we manifest, this field of information and energy sits ready, waiting for an intention to be set so it can go to work handling all the details for us. It does this if the intention is deliberate and clear or whether it is simply an outcropping of the subconscious mind. Both conscious and subconscious thought function in a similar manner, causing a ripple effect.

It is the human nervous system that allows us to become aware of the information and energy of its own quantum field. We are able to consciously change the information content, and in the process, change our physical existence. Through attention and intention, we can transform our energy field. By setting an intention we transform matter. Through attention, we energize the field and inspire movement to occur. Whenever you take your attention away from something you pull energy away.

This all occurs in the zero-point field. There is no such thing as time, in this universe. Time is a man-made concept used to measure only. It is not real. When we set an intention under the scope of attention, we have the ability to organize an infinite number of space/time events in the present moment. Again, since time is an illusion, the present moment is all there really is, everything else is a memory or a projection. Most all theological texts refer to this process as prayer, meditation, chanting. All of these precepts are teaching us how to manifest.

Intention & Focused Attention

When intention is paired with focused attention, its power is magnified due to its clarity and lack of resistance. All too often, our intentions are either slow to manifest or muddled, and this is due to resistance. Resistance occurs when we send the field mixed signals. It’s like when your computer starts to lag, and you click every button on the screen trying to make something happen, and then the computer tries to execute your commands and ends up doing all kinds of things you don’t want like exiting that document without saving it and your original intention gets lost in the confusion.

In a zero state, all resistance is neutralized, and manifestations become quicker and more effective. It’s like when a pebble is dropped into a still pond, the ripples radiate outward uninterrupted versus a pebble being dropped in choppy waters and the ripples being absorbed into the churning blue water.

It isn’t necessary to be in the zero state 24 hrs a day. Imagine being in a restaurant and giving the waiter your order. You only need to give the order once, and you’ll get your food—you don’t need to follow him back into the kitchen and then watch the chef prepare your food in order to get your meal. It’s also very important that once you put your order in with the universe, you let the universe fulfill the order without checking up on it 100 times and wondering why it’s taking so long or if the universe is doing it right. These kinds of actions and thoughts are counterintuitive, and they create resistance.

How to Enter the Zero State

Entering the zero state starts with being relaxed and still. Sit or lie somewhere comfortable and quiet. Meditation, prayer, and chanting are all ways of entering the zero state. This is a state of no resistance mindfulness. Any thoughts that arise are acknowledged, and they pass through your mind like clouds in the sky without being held on to just as you can’t hold on to a cloud. It is an altered state similar to hypnosis or light states of trance. It isn’t a place of joy or bliss but rather a state of stillness or no-thingness. Once you’ve reached this state, it is time to set your intention through words or visualization. The more sensory you can make the experience the better. It is also helpful to tie the visualization to the emotion that the intention will bring once it is fulfilled. If you’re repeating a desire, it is best to repeat it four times and imagine the intention leaving your body on your breath and being carried out into the world. If at first, you don’t reach the zero state, keep practicing and you will get there. Don’t be hard on yourself and approach the practice with a no judgment mindset.

The practice of focused intention can be practiced any time. Intentions help one gain clarity and bring awareness into our lives. New moons are a wonderful time to set intentions that will be supported by the energy of the lunar cycle.

Enjoy this day of balance!

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Kalea is a writer, photographer, and energy healer from Hawaii. She’s obsessed with Sunrises & Sunsets and has a great love of books and yoga.

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Kalea is a writer, photographer, and energy healer from Hawaii. She's obsessed with Sunrises & Sunsets and has a great love of books and yoga.

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