April 2018 Full Moon Portal

April Full Moon, April Portal

The Full Moon in Scorpio is Sunday, April 29th at 7:58:12 pm CDT. This will be the most powerful Full Moon of 2018 with eclipse-like energies. A wave of energy with be hitting our solar system and as these Cosmic Rays are released, significant shifts are likely to occur. These Cosmic Rays carry light codes that will help awaken and re-write DNA, re-calibrate light bodies and energy systems as well as upgrade the physical body.

Mars is playing a role in this Full Moon as Mars was the ruler of Scorpio until Pluto was discovered in 1930 and assigned Scorpio to rule. Pluto and Mars are at a special aspect at 72⁰ or a quintile relationship to the Full Moon. This aspect is creating a portal that we can connect with through intention. We can activate the feminine creative power of the Moon, the discipline and direct action of Mars, and the death/rebirth of Pluto to heal on a cellular and cosmic level.

This influx of Goddess energy is working with Scorpio and Pluto to bring about a death of the old ways to allow a rebirth—a clearing so that new ways can emerge. Full Moons are a time for release, and deeply buried patterns will be coming up to be cleared. This is a time to be mindful of triggers and whatever is rising to the surface. Take the time to work through whatever comes up with focused intention and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. This a time for release and renewal. Old patterns need to be let go of in order to bring in divine light codes and blueprints from your higher self.

Many are gathering at sacred sites or in groups to harness group synergy and connect to these higher energies. It isn’t necessary to connect with a group, but if you have a few friends or a meditation group go ahead and harness that group power. Whether in a group or alone, the important thing is to CONNECT. Put on your favorite meditation and set the intention to connect with your higher-self to bring in these Cosmic Light Upgrades.

Make sure to stay grounded to better process the incoming frequencies. If you can’t spend some time barefoot on the earth, visualize standing on the earth and moving universal life energy through your body deep into the crystalline grid of the earth.

Call on your Guides, Angels, Ancestors, and all those that love you unconditionally. Trust your own inner wisdom—you own inner knowing. This is an invitation to connect. Have an open mind and receptive heart. You will benefit both individually and collectively because as we draw down this energy, we are channeling it into Gaia/Pachamama to aid her in raising her vibrations. Let this Full Moon help you shine even brighter than before.

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Kalea is a writer, photographer, and energy healer from Hawaii. She’s obsessed with Sunrises & Sunsets and has a great love of books and yoga.

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Kalea is a writer, photographer, and energy healer from Hawaii. She's obsessed with Sunrises & Sunsets and has a great love of books and yoga.

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