May 2018 Astrological Energy Update

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Background Energies

The important background energy of the month is the Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto retrogrades, the Full Moon in Scorpio, and Chiron entering Aries. Through the retrograde energy, the sky is revolutionizing the way we experience power dynamics in our lives, and how we feel about them. I wrote about these retrogrades in greater detail for last month’s article here. The Full Moon in Scorpio exposed our ‘stuck’ energies— so we could release them— and allowed us to assess our inner nurturer.

The last influential aspect is Chiron’s shift from Pisces to Aries. We use Chiron to make the world a better place for others—so this shift is showing us a new area of our lives that is ready to change. The lesson has transitioned from ‘we are not victims’ to ‘we are not villains’ and the overall the lesson is ‘we are enough.’ If we can accept ourselves and others the exact way we are now, we will truly make the world a better place.


May 1st – Beltane

Beltane, or May Day, is the Wheel of the Year festival that’s 1/2 way between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice. Marking the start of summer, Beltane is about the abundance of life that comes from the Sun. It’s this day’s relationship to the Sun that makes it easy to see why this is traditionally a fire festival. On the Wheel of the Year, Beltane is the opposite from Samhain, but instead of searching beyond the veil, we celebrate our physicality in all its forms. It’s all about growth, love, light, joy, and festivities. Keeping in the spirit of fire, this year the Moon is on the first degree of Sagittarius—so we can feel alive and expansive!

The Moon is trine or working with Chiron on the first degree of Aries, so we’re starting this May off strong with that theme of finding our inner fire. Speaking of fire, Ceres and the North Node are on this same degree in Leo today! This is significant because we are really feeling the apex of this mothering asteroid and inner child objective of the North Node. This aspect creates a pathway for our inner nurturer to take care of our inner child, so we should feel that spark of child-like creativity and enthusiasm. Happy Beltane, ya’ll!


May 13th – Mother’s Day 

There should be no miscommunications on this day, because Mercury is on a critical degree of the very grounded sign Taurus, while Pallas Athena—our victory, is in Gemini—the sign of communication. Good news is Chiron is no longer on a critical degree, so it’s not ‘screaming’ at us to learn our lesson of independence. Again, Ceres and the North Node are merged, and even though the aspect is looser, we can still use this energy to help us self-nurture or even to feel closer to our mothers. The Moon merged with Uranus on the last degree of Aries, which, you guessed it, is a critical degree. If you know anything about Aries, you might know it’s a lot of masculine energy. While you might associate Aries with aggression or anger, its true purpose and gift to this world is independence and self-reliance. You can express one or both of these emotions depending on how healthy your personal Aries energy is. If Mother’s Day comes with any hesitations or concerns, work with your guides beforehand to mature your personal relationship with the Aries archetype—to experience the positive aspects of Aries so that you can be emotionally independent of the circumstances.


May 15th – Uranus enters Taurus

Some big news! Uranus is changing signs from Aries to Taurus. With an 84-year cycle around the zodiac, this is a very slow-moving planet, so when it shifts—we feel it. Uranus moves into Taurus on the 15th of May, backs up into Aries in November of this year, and then fully moves into Taurus in March of next year until 2026. Uranus is the planet of innovations, revolutions, upheavals, surprises, science, and the unexpected. Unlike the other transformative planet, Pluto, Uranus does not transform the old—it replaces it. So instead of a death and rebirth, this planet focuses on washing out the old by ushering in the new. But, like Pluto, Uranus leaves things unrecognizable. Think of the way we communicate: Cell phones have replaced landlines, emails have replaced fax machines, and blogs have replaced newspapers. We still have landlines, fax machines, and newspapers, but they are almost inconvenient because of the new and revolutionary energy that has replaced it. In Aries, advancements and progress were inevitable and were focused on action. Taurus, on the other hand, is more grounded. It takes it time to change, but when it does, it’s lasting. So, all of the new and transformative experiences in your life will now take on a more permanent and physical form. Yes, this is happening the day of the Taurus New Moon, so all of your intentions should get an extra little kick! Don’t be surprised if the 14th through the 16th of May are particularly unexpected days. If you are one who loves routine and things going according to plan, set aside time with your guides to work on your relationship with your Uranus energy.

Within our Natal Chart, or personal chart, we have each planet. Our relationship with each planet is how we express that energy in the current sky. If you’re a free spirit, you probably have a healthy relationship with this planet of upheavals. If you have a Natal Chart, look at the late degrees of Aries and the early degrees of Taurus. Whatever house or planet(s) located there, will experience rapid and sudden shifts. By maturing your personal Uranus, you learn to surrender to life and trust that life is supporting you. Appropriately used, Uranus can help you make quantum leaps to better your life.


May 15th – The Taurus New Moon

New Moons are all about becoming quiet within and planting seeds of intention for the month to come. Taurus is a sign of nature, groundedness, physical beauty, and abundance. We can easily reconnect with ourselves through nature and any sentimental possession. It’s also an excellent time to work with your body to accomplish something like self-love or physical cleansing. Maybe you’d like to work with the financial aspect of Taurus, and in that case, it would be wonderful to work with abundance crystals to set an intention of financial growth and retention.

The Moon is squaring Pluto and Mars in Capricorn, so we really could feel a massive drive to shift our body to a healthier state or to re-evaluate our finances. Venus and Pallas Athena are on the same degree in Gemini. Venus is the planet of not only beauty but also community coming together with the Pallas Athena—asteroid of victory in the sign of communication. In short, it would be a fantastic time to set an intention of reconciling any relationships that may need fixing especially there’s a lot of miscommunication. Venus also has a financial energy to her as well, so you could just as easily have victory in your finances.


May 25th – Jupiter trines Neptune

While Jupiter at 16° Scorpio has been trining Neptune at 16° Pisces, it’s exact on the 25th of May. Jupiter is in retrograde, so it’s properties are slightly different than if it was direct. In retrograde, Jupiter is all about recalibrating our moral compass—add that to the energy of Scorpio, and this is a very deep recalibration that works its way into the corners of our shadow side. Neptune, on the other hand, is about illusion, art, and music, but on a deeper level, it’s about getting in that divine flow where identity no longer exists. Daoists (Taoists) call this flow of divinity The Way, or The Dao (Tao), and they believe by aligning yourself with it you achieve perfect harmony with nature. By these two planets trining or working together, we can work with the sky to match our ‘due north’ with our higher self’s intentions. Really take this time to be your truest version, letting all self-illusions fall away. You can ask your guides to bring in your divine template and make the appropriate changes to embody that higher aspect of yourself more completely.


May 29th – Full Moon in Sagittarius 

We still have Jupiter trining Neptune, so every bit of the advice for May 25th applies to this lunation. In addition, Jupiter and Neptune are making a Grand Water Trine with Venus and Pallas Athena in Cancer! Score! Grand Water Trines bring creativity, psychic awareness, and emotional stability. If that doesn’t sound fantastic enough, this trine includes the planet of love and the asteroid of victory. This could be used to get into that flow as we already talked about, or you could use this to further mend any relationship intentions for the Taurus New Moon. If you choose to get into that divine flow, use the Sagittarius Full Moon to let go of past experiences that may keep you from expressing that higher self. If you are continuing to repair a relationship, on the New Moon, you may have had the intention of increasing communication—now on the Full Moon release any psychic or emotional experiences with that person that may still affect the relationship.

If you don’t want to do either of those things, firstly, I respect that, secondly, keep reading. The Moon is trining the North Node and Chiron, and while this doesn’t make a Grand Fire Trine, this does give us an aspect for working on our childhood wounds. We are being supported by the sky to release these personal experiences once and for all. If you are ready, you can be free from the experience of whatever happened in your childhood. The Moon also squares Neptune which can help you release those childhood hurts by connecting our emotions with that flow of divinity. No matter how you chose to use this amazing and healing Sagittarius Full Moon, you can experience these massive shifts with ease and grace to transition seamlessly into a new lease on life.


Remember the sky is always on your side.


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Candace is an astrologer, intuitive, healer, and most importantly a student of life. Through her studies, she is convinced that the microcosm and macrocosm are mimicking each other and that we can learn a better way to live by paying attention.

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Candace is an astrologer, intuitive, healer, and most importantly a student of life. Through her studies, she is convinced that the microcosm and macrocosm are mimicking each other and that we can learn a better way to live by paying attention.

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