July 2018 Astrological Energy Update

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The important background energy for July is the Full Moon in Capricorn, the Grand Water Trine, and the retrograde planets. The Full Moon in Capricorn was an opportunity to release things relating to status and/or power. There was a lot of grounding and stabilization energies present. And of course, the Grand Water Trine that lasted all of June was involved in the Capricorn Full Moon. This Grand Trine was an initiation by water. We are transforming through our emotions, through our feelings, and even our hearts. The water trines will continue past the Super New Moon in Cancer this month. There is a Grand Earth Trine that will accompany the Grand Water Trine to stabilize us this month that we will cover later in this article.

The retrograde list going into this month includes Jupiter in Scorpio, Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn in Capricorn, Neptune in Pisces, and Mars in Aquarius. We’ve talked a lot about the retrogrades over the past couple of months. You might remember, I dubbed them the “Wake-up” energy because they are showing us our shadow self. Neptune and Mars are the newest members. The water planet of illusion, Neptune, has its goal to add clarity to the situations that have been dug up by the other retrograde energies. While the fiery planet of ambition, Mars, is knocking his drive back a few degrees and taking the time to plan things out. Is everyone shifting in your life, or is that just my experience?



This month Chiron retrogrades on July 4th, Jupiter goes direct on July 10th, and Mercury retrogrades on July 25th. So how will this affect us?

July 4th — Chiron is an asteroid/dwarf planet that is called the wounded healer. He reveals our deep wounds, so we know how to make the world a better place. When he retrogrades, it’s time to heal. On July 4th, look to see what wound is ready to be healed. There is a Grand Water Trine, a Grand Earth Trine, and a Grand Fire Trine on the day of the retrograde. All of these energies are easing you into the Chiron Retrograde. There’s also a Grand Fixed Cross that is helping you feel solid, so you may not feel this shift as intensely. Set the intention that the healing would take place with ease and grace. Ask that you’d consciously know you were being healed by how well you felt—like a burden you didn’t know you had was taken off your shoulders. This healing is a gift—no strings attached. Receive that gift with open arms and a grateful heart, and this retrograde will be a delightfully freeing experience.

July 10th — As Jupiter has retrograded, it has recalibrated our moral compass on a very deep level. This planet of abundance has magnified the death and rebirth process that Scorpio is so well known for. You might have questioned your identity or place in society during this massive shift. Recognize and allow all of those upgrades to exist with any ambiguity that may come. Thank your higher self for these moral upgrades. On July 10th, there is a Grand Water Trine and a Grand Earth Trine that will help you transition smoothly into Jupiter Direct. This effect is especially potent because Jupiter is part of the Grand Water Trine. The day Jupiter goes direct, we will start enacting our new morals. We will regain solidity in our identity as our new values become clearer to us. My advice: do not cling to any ideas about who you are especially when it comes to morals. Let your ideas of ‘self’ come from who you have become, not who you were.

July 25th — Mercury Retrogrades have a bad reputation. They are known for miscommunications, brain fog, and car mishaps. This can leave so many people to wonder: Is there’s a point to having them around? I’m so glad you asked. Mercury represents the logical mind – you know that part of humanity that is overused in modern societies. Our minds are meant to rest. They need rest. Mercury retrograde does just that. Its real purpose is to kick us out of our logical minds, so we can use abstract thinking, intuition, and heart logic to navigate life. So, during this time, try not to go against the grain. If you can during this time, I highly recommend taking a break from the facts and figures, using more right brain power, and getting into your heart. If you can’t avoid communicating, logic, and/or cars, then according to Vedic Astrology you can wear Emerald or Peridot to curb the negative effects of Mercury. If you’d like to look to look up this Ayurveda system, it’s called Navaratna, and it covers all 9 major planets. On July 25th, set the intention that you live from your heart space with as much ease as possible. Ask that your intention will be known by those around you to avoid miscommunication. This is especially important because Mercury is in Leo—one of the more boisterous zodiacs.

By the end of the month, the retrograde list will be Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn in Capricorn, Neptune in Pisces, Mars in Aquarius, Chiron in Aries, and Mercury in Leo. This is still ‘Wake-Up’ energy, but I believe a more appropriate title is ‘Heart Training’ energy. Every one of these planets is trying to teach us to live from our heart spaces. Pluto and Saturn are still our need for power and authority. Neptune is giving us clarity, but not just any clarity, Piscean clarity—which is all about etheric love. Mars is taking the time to look at the bigger picture. He’s thinking beyond his own selfish needs to the needs of the collective—Aquarius. Chiron is healing the wounds of the warrior and also not feeling inadequate while it’s in Aries. Mercury is turning off our mind and specifically our extroverted communication to try to teach us to get in touch with our hearts. Altogether they are teaching us to trade our outward power for inner power and showing us that’s through the heart.


July 12 – SUPER NEW MOON IN CANCER (at 9:47 pm CT) / PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE (at 8:48 pm CT)

If this lunation it had a theme, it would be ‘Rebooting the Heart Space.’ There are so many aspects that signify this. The Partial Solar Eclipse is like turning your computer off and on because the light of the Sun, our power source, is partially cut off from the Earth. The lunation is a Supermoon meaning its literally closer to the Earth, so it has stronger effects on us. The Moon is opposing retrograding Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth. Even the phase of the Moon reflects this theme because New Moons start the lunar cycle over—symbolizing the death of the last lunar month and the start of the new lunar month. The Moon is in a trine with Jupiter in Scorpio that is magnifying this death and rebirth zodiac. This is not nearly as intense as last year’s Full Solar Eclipse. It’s just enough to shake things up. On a different note, we have a Grand Water Trine between the Sun and Moon in Cancer, Jupiter in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces. This will help support our emotions as we go through this process. While the Grand Earth Trine in Saturn in Capricorn, Ceres and Venus in Virgo, and Uranus and Juno in Taurus, will support our bodies and our health by grounding us. So, let’s talk about how to benefit the most from this. The New Moon in Cancer is about strengthening our loving connections to the planet, to each other, and to ourselves. Cancer is the zodiac of the home, so set intentions to create safe places for the connections to be nurtured and that these connections would be made from the highest love. Ask for your heart space to grow. Ask to be shown how love conquers all. Show yourself that you completely and totally love yourself.


If this lunation had a theme it would be “Who Am I Now.” A Full Moon in Aquarius is about letting go of false identities and personalities. The Moon is conjunct with retrograde Mars. While Mars is the warrior planet, it’s retrograding. This means Mars is regrouping, re-planning, regaining its strength. With the Aquarius Full Moon merged with it, we are letting go of ineffective plans. We have a certain clarity to know in our hearts what goals and ideas about the future just don’t work for us anymore. The Total Lunar Eclipse acts like a mirror that literally shows us the Earth’s shadow. In the same way, it shows us our own shadow side, so we can truly know who we are. On a different note, the Grand Water Trine is no longer with us. In fact, we only have a Grand Fire Trine between a retrograde Mercury in Leo, the asteroid Vesta in Sagittarius, and the asteroid Eris in Aries. This is not a strong trine because it is formed from 2 asteroids and a quick moving planet. It does exist, so it will help out with enacting the upgrades of this lunation because fire is very experiential. We also have a Grand Fixed Cross with Jupiter in Scorpio, the Moon and Mars in Aquarius, Uranus in Taurus, and the Sun, North Node, and Pallas Athena in Leo. We don’t have a lot of momentum during this Full Moon, so I’d treat this more like a New Moon. Yes, we are still releasing, but sit, meditate, relax, self-reflect like a New Moon. Ask for clarity, and release false perceptions in whatever form they take. Set the intention to release all things that are no longer who you identify with anymore. We have all gone through so many transformations lately. This is a wonderful time to do self-cleansing rituals. It is an even time to cleanse on a global scale.


Remember the sky is always on your side.


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Candace is an astrologer, intuitive, healer, and most importantly a student of life. Through her studies, she is convinced that the microcosm and macrocosm are mimicking each other and that we can learn a better way to live by paying attention.

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Candace is an astrologer, intuitive, healer, and most importantly a student of life. Through her studies, she is convinced that the microcosm and macrocosm are mimicking each other and that we can learn a better way to live by paying attention.

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