How to Connect With Your Animal Spirit Guides

Animal Spirit Guides

What are Animal Spirit Guides?

The divine spirit has many ways of guiding us. This guidance often exists in the unseen realms but can manifest in the physical world in a myriad of ways. One of these ways is through animal spirit guides. Animals can act as guides and messengers both in their physical form as well as their etheric form. In cultures all across the globe, animals feature prominently in mythology, folklore, and even creation legends. Animals and Nature play a role in every society and even though many cultures have forgotten their connection with nature—the sacred knowledge still exists for those who seek it. Spirit guides are not always animals but rather can be anything in creation that acts as a divine entity guiding one on their life path through signs, symbols, dreams, vibration, etc.

When we pay attention to and acknowledge a nature totem, we are honoring the essence that lies behind it. We are opening up and attuning to that essence. We can then use it to understand our own life circumstances more clearly. We can share in its power or “medicine.” Nature totems-especially animals-are symbols of specific kinds of energy we are manifesting and aligning with in our life. The animal becomes a symbol of a specific force of the invisible, spiritual realm manifesting within our own life. The characteristics and activities of these totems will reveal much about our own life. The characteristics and activities of these totems will reveal much about our own innate powers and abilities. By studying the totem and then learning to merge with it, we are able to call upon its archetypal energy whenever needed. 

Types of Animal Spirit Guides

There are four types of animal guides: Messenger, Journey, Life, and Shadow.

Messenger spirit guide: These spirits enter your life for the purpose of delivering a message and once the message is understood it will depart. They remain to guide us in the right direction or to avoid danger. The message could be a warning or even a wake-up call to take action in a certain area of your life.

Journey spirit guide: When important decisions need to be made that alter your life path, journey guides will appear to guide you along the way. These forks in the road can lead us on journeys that may take months or even years and a journey guide will be there every step of the way. They are steadfast traveling companions that will help lead you back to the path if you lose your way.

Life spirit guide: A life guide is in it for the long haul. They stay with you throughout your entire life. They are a reflection of your true essence and spiritual make-up. They help guide you towards re-discovering your gifts and reaching your highest potential by completing the lessons your soul came here to learn. Their counsel and wisdom are always available to you. You may have more than one life guide and new ones may appear along the way as needed.

 Shadow spirit guide: This guide comes to teach you lessons that have been ignored. They operate by instilling fear to motivate one to take action and will keep returning until its message is acted upon and changes are made. It comes to shine a light on your shadow side and transform fear into truth. It can greatly aid you in overcoming your inner fears, but if ignored can have a negative impact on your life. This guide will test you in various ways and will push you out of your comfort zone.

Six Ways to Connect With Your Animal Spirit Guides

1. Before you go to sleep, set the intention to meet your animal spirit guide in your dreams. When you wake up in the morning, take some time to reflect on your dreams. Write down any impressions, feelings, or images that may have appeared. Continue this process until you have received clear guidance. Ask and it will come.

2. Sit down with a paper and pen. Set the intention to connect with your animal spirit guide or say a prayer asking to meet your totem animal. Write whatever comes without judgment and let the guidance flow through automatic writing.

3. Use a deck such as Messages from Your Animal Spirit Guides, and do a spread to receive guidance.

4. Find a quiet spot to sit out in nature and ask your animal spirit guide to show itself to you. Close your eyes and meditate on that intent. Then, open your eyes and observe what you see and receive.

5. In meditation, set the intention of wanting to connect with your spirit animal. Over the next several days be open to whatever comes. Pay attention to any impressions, images, feelings, or re-occurring experiences. Take note if any animals keep showing up in images, conversations, or even crossing your path.

6. Listen to the guided meditation below


To learn more about Animal Spirit Guides check out this awesome book! It has a ton of information on different totem animals and how we can work with them.


We have many guides wishing to assist us and all we need to do is connect with them and ask them for guidance and help. If we are open to receive, the universe always has our back.


Leave a comment below and let me know what animal spirit guides have appeared in your life. What ways are you using animal medicine in your life?





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Kalea is a writer, photographer, and energy healer from Hawaii. She’s obsessed with Sunrises & Sunsets and has a great love of books and yoga.

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Kalea is a writer, photographer, and energy healer from Hawaii. She's obsessed with Sunrises & Sunsets and has a great love of books and yoga.

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