Spider’s Message: Rewrite Your Web

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Spider introduced herself to me in a dream. She bit me! The pain was so real that it woke me. I clutched my physical leg in anguish. The only way to stop the pain was to go back into the dream and grab her. In my grip, I felt her morph into a different form. There I was angrily holding this smiling almost plushy, comical crab with independently moving eyes. I laughed so hard all the pain was forgotten, and I forgave Spider for being a nuisance.


A few nights later, she visited my dreams again. In this dream, I had adopted and cared for Spider as if she was my human child. We played games and danced around; I sang her to sleep in my arms. When all was said and done, my Spider child left me. My mother walked in to find me curled up in the corner crying. She looked at me and said, ‘Candace, it was only a spider.’ This triggered a million thoughts to fly through my brain as I had an ‘Inception’ moment. This was a dream! I felt the burden of loss lifted from my shoulders as I took on a new perspective. I woke up amused that I had cared so much for a dream child, much less a spider.


These dreams had the same goal. They illustrate Spider’s messages: Keep your perspective flexible. I could have easily stayed upset by Spider’s actions, but by choosing fluidity, I flowed out of anger or grief just as quickly as I flowed into them. Admittedly, this was much easier to do in my dreams. The point is: we all have the ability to ‘roll with the punches.’ Since then, I have consciously worked with Spider to rewrite my story from my new perspective. It has shifted from upset, outrage, and tragedy, to gentler, more loving labels. I now see all my life as a beautiful tale of ups and downs. Even though the events of my past are the same, I’m no longer the victim of my personal story.


Because we narrate our own life, it is our perspective and preconceived notions that label something a lesson, a joke, or a tragedy. When we keep our labels from the past, we are doing the bidding of our old self. Spider urges us to create from the wealth of the ‘now,’ instead of the wounds of ‘yesterday.’ She says that we owe our yesterday no allegiance and asks us to be fully our present self. Here is her full message to all of you:


“I am the spider. My webs are practical works of art as I transform my environment to work for me. With patience and skill, I create a world that supports me. I let the universe give me what I need. I am one with the flow of the universe, and the universe is flowing through me. My eight legs are a symbol of power and might, yet I sit and wait most days. True power does not answer to anyone, so true power is mostly dormant. My body symbolizes an infinity sign to represent the endless loop between giving and taking. When these energies are in balance, the flow never stops. I am the spider, I am a teacher, and I am infinitely abundant.


If you ask me to teach you the ways of the universe, I will start with you. Your human identity is only the beginning of your truth. Let me reveal the beautifully complex web that you are. Perfectly crafted for a task, you have no flaws, yet every web must be mended from time to time. The irony to the human mind: when we are used for our purpose, we must evolve. What is perfect in one moment can become chaos in another. Truly, I tell you, little humans, there is no irony in change. When you live in the flow of time, you experience one state separate from all the others. Even though you chose this existence, you feel the need to stretch experiences past their useful time frame. Just like my webs, everything you are can be recycled to build a new and better identity. Will you let me help you? Will you learn?


Call on me, little humans, and I will show you how to reform your universe. We will start with one mindset. You may do this as often as you like. Pick a place of chaos in your life. See the tangled web? If cannot see it, then feel it. Lots of spiders cannot see well; they tune into the vibration of the earth to understand their world. You cannot get lost in your web. Be at peace, for it is the home you built and it was once glorious. Let me show you how to shift. Together we can undo the anchors of the web. It does not matter how long this will take. We are given all the time in the world that we need, so never rush little one. When every corner is dislodged, you’ll feel the fluidity of possibilities as we are in a state of potential. Spiders do not often waste what they can reuse. Many of our kind reabsorb their web to build a new one. Follow our lead, reabsorb the time, energy, and effort it took to build this initial web. Feel the power flowing through you as you are reenergized and embolden for the task ahead. Now, you have the potential and the power to create your better home. Hold one solid intention as you weave a new web. This intention could come to you as a feeling or a word you gently repeat in your head. However, this comes to you; I only ask that you limit it to one solid request per web. You don’t have to build the prettiest web, but you must create something. I promise it will serve you well, and when the time comes do not hesitate to take it down. We are constantly reshaping our world, consciously or otherwise. We must—or the world will shape us instead. Do not fear change; it is your greatest ally in this world. Stagnation, indifference, apathy, those are the true sources of chaos. They are like shadows that must be chased away by a fire. Every spark of life on this Earth contains such a fire. You have always had the power, all you must do is let yourself grow.”


To me, spider shows up as a wise, old ‘woman.’ She is strong in her subtleties and cunning in her craft. I hope you love her just as much as I do. Read more about animal spirit guides here.

Spider’s Message: Rewrite Your Web


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Candace is an astrologer, intuitive, healer, and most importantly a student of life. Through her studies, she is convinced that the microcosm and macrocosm are mimicking each other and that we can learn a better way to live by paying attention.

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Candace is an astrologer, intuitive, healer, and most importantly a student of life. Through her studies, she is convinced that the microcosm and macrocosm are mimicking each other and that we can learn a better way to live by paying attention.

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