November 2018 Scorpio New Moon

New Moon November 2018, November 2018 New Moon

The November 2018 New Moon in Scorpio is inviting you to get in touch with your feminine nature. To delve deep into your inner world to shine a light in the darkest of places. Maybe there are feelings you have been ignoring, avoiding, or denying and now is the time to let them surface and focus on forgiveness. This isn’t about focusing on our wounds or past pain—it’s about letting go, forgiving, and allowing yourself to be in a state of health.

This a time for self-transformation. Any areas of your life you have felt need attention should be offered up to the moon and seeds planted for the change you want to see in your life. Focus and visualize what you want. Direct the energy of your thoughts and emotions toward the outcome you want to see in your life. Set intentions for your personal spiritual transformations and see what manifestations unfold over the next month.

The feminine is anchoring her creative power, and she is asking you to do the same. Where has your power been directed? Where has it been given away? Are there any areas where you can empower yourself? Now is the moment you are being invited to choose you. There is no shame in standing up for yourself. When you choose yourself and your needs—you aren’t selfish—you’re choosing to love yourself. With love emanating from within we can make deeper connections with one another. The Divine Feminine is about unity not vying for individual power and control over others. The more unified we are—the more empowered we are. Cooperation through love is more powerful than control through fear.

How does it feel to love yourself? Maybe that feeling is a little out of reach, and that’s okay. All too often we put ourselves on the backburner to meet the needs of everyone else in our lives—our family, our job, our friends. We get out of touch with our feelings with our own being. This New Moon is encouraging you to FEEL. To really sink into your feelings and roll around in them, spend some time with them and with yourself. It’s all about being open with yourself and allowing yourself to explore the deep watery depths that Scorpio has opened the door to.

Are there ways you can create space in your life to express your self-love and self-care? We could all use a little more self-love.

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Kalea is a writer, photographer, and energy healer from Hawaii. She’s obsessed with Sunrises & Sunsets and has a great love of books and yoga.

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Kalea is a writer, photographer, and energy healer from Hawaii. She's obsessed with Sunrises & Sunsets and has a great love of books and yoga.

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