Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology

Today positive thinking is a fashion in our society that has been a big success. In my studies on alternative methods of psychology, the field of positive psychology is the only one of its kind. Before, my opinion was based on my travels, some workshops, opinions of others, social media and some books that randomly came […]

Act Sustainably

Act Sustainably

The other day I had the pleasure to hold a mindfulness meditation for a company on their conference day. They squeezed me in during their health and wellbeing hour that they had during this conference. And it was beautiful to see the change and impact that 15 minutes of meditation, stillness and inner observation had […]


#metoo – The End of an Era

When I did my Yoga TTC in Trauma Sensitive Yoga earlier this year we got to read the book Trauma-Sensitive Yoga in Therapy by David Emerson. The book is all about trauma and the effect trauma has on us. Commonly after a trauma, we get PTSD and if we don’t get to process it correctly […]

Living Authentically

Personal is Universal – Living Authentically

Lately, I’ve been experiencing some things that have been uncomfortable. Feelings of lethargy, loss of ambition and lack of meaning. I’ve been questioning why I’m here and asking myself what is really going on? I’ve been following this thought pattern on a downward spiral. It’s not only led me to detach and isolate myself from […]


Using Feelings for Change

Life is our greatest teacher. Every experience and situation serves to help us grow and transform. Our outer worlds are reflections of our inner worlds. We often project inner conflicts to the outside world so that we can identify them and work them out. Using your feelings can help to identify and resolve these conflicts. […]

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